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Imp Register Australia is not a Club. But a network of Listed Owners and Enthusiasts dedicated to the long term preservation, recording and restoration of the "Hillman Imp" and it's derivatives 2009.

Welcome to the official information Web site of Imp Register Australia. 
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 IMP REGISTER AUSTRALIA was set up to help Imp owners keep in contact with each other and to create a record of remaining Imps in Australia. It has been running since November 1997 and has had a great response in that time. Although we are not a stand alone club, we have a good contact base here online with "OZImps" our online email list, We also have a Newsflyer called "IMPlode" for anyone interested in Imps that focuses on them from an Australasian perspective, and also good support from car clubs around Australia.

Forms are available for listing any Imp details on the Australian Register. ALL Imps should be added to the Register, from road registered to parts cars. The Chassis Number and/or Body Number is an important part of this process because this is how to identify a particular Imp so we can keep track of it in the future. I would like your help in gathering this information by entering your own Australian Imp to the Register and also passing on the .pdf VERSION of the form to other Imp owners you meet or know. This project will only work with YOUR help.  

At present the Register has 160 listed members with approximately 150 Imps listed.

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Please visit the "ImpWerks" website, Sponsors of "IMPlode" & Imp Register Australia.

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Thank you for your participation.

Andy Bryson's Competition Spec Imp

Tim Haynes
Register Co-ordinator